Corridor Management Platform (CMP)

Bynet will provide the software platform for realizing the vision of FFC

while creating durable, scalable for future expansion platform. The platform will utilize the top-notch technologies existing today, and will serve as the main intersection of exchange of information between all parties, thus allowing an efficient way to exchange data, enhance current procedures and reducing costs.

As part of current state analysis, the technology provider will examine the current technological disparities, IT environments, methods and types of data exchange, forms & documents involved in the varies procedures and any other relevant logistic information.

Part of the study will involve analysing current regulations and work according to international standards. The output of this phase is a detailed document summarizing the aspects mentioned above.

Characterization and development stage will be based on the information accumulated from the analysis phase, the offered solution, a detailed work plan for each party, measurable success metrics with prescribed schedules for execution. The final step will include implementation, tests, gathering test results and building work plan for implementing in the three pilots and the rest of the EU.