About us

Fresh Food Corridors (FFC) project established in order to enhance a sustainable inter-modal transport and logistics systems for freight movement between Mediterranean and Northern European destinations.

Project vision aims at building and operating logistic corridors of refrigerated & frozen goods by 2018.

The center of the project focus on paving three main corridors while utilizing three main ports in Southern Europe: Luka Koper, Slovenia, Venice, Italy and Marseille- FoS in France.

The corridors new methodology would enable dry and reefer containers will move from their origin by inland transportation modes to the gateway ports, then by vessels on a scheduled service between non-EU ports in the Mediterranean (Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority) to EU ports. A dedicated rail services to Northern logistical centers (e.g. Rotterdam) will transfer the reefer goods to Northern Europe and then by truck to the end client.

In addition, the project will establish a pilot project on Cyprus –Europe and Egypt corridor. This project pilot will focus on IT and process integration to support business administration processes for perishable trade from Egypt to EU and also a transferability analysis of the concept between the port of La Spezia and further non EU countries will be conducted.